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Joanna - founder & designer

Goes by: I have every nickname in the book in my “real life” but at work, I have somehow become only “J.A." to our whole in-house team as well as every store we work with. I guess everyone loves a good abbreviation.
Team JA role: Founder/ Designer/ CEO 
Best wedding moment: When the rain cleared, the clouds parted and we had blue sky and sun for the exactly 45 minutes needed to conduct my Jackson Hole, WY outdoor wedding ceremony under an antler arch. The second we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, the thunder crashed and every one dashed for cover!
Cherished Accessory: My sons, Sam and Jake, and my dog Quincy.
Memorable Date Night: Arcade Fire’s Secret show on Halloween night,  2013, 4 months after my Sam was born. No words. 
Random Fact: I have to have a bottle of water with me at all times-even if I don’t end up drinking it... And it has to be 1 liter. Nothing less will do.  
Can’t live without: Crop Tops and Smith's Rose Bud Salve.
If your closet could be filled with clothes from one designer only, what would we find? JA of course! And for the days and nights when I can't rock my favorite chiffon and lace, I am all in on Raquel Allegra, Isabel Marant and Acne.

Jennifer - Vice President of Operations

Goes by: Jennifer
Best Wedding Moment: Best wedding moment is yet to come!
Favorite Travel Locale: St. John
Cherished Accessory: Cuff bracelet from Peru.
Memorable Date Night: Backyard BBQ in Amagansett.
Random Fact: I love DIY projects.
Can’t live without: Tortilla chips & salsa

Cindy - Production/Logistics Manager

Goes by: Cindy 
Style Icon: Bridgette Bardot and Edie Sedgwick
Best Wedding Moment: Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. There’s just something magical about that.
Favorite Travel Locale: Italy. The food, oh, the food.
Cherished Accessory: A yellow gold, engraved, sapphire ring that my mother gifted me on my 7th birthday. Still fits and I wear it to this day.
Memorable Date Night: Hopping on a plane, dancing the night away, and kissing on the dance floor. Such a whirlwind, and totally worth it.
Can’t live without: Flat iron, styling cream, and sea salt spray. This mane requires serious maintenance. 

Hannah - Sales and Brand Manager

Best Wedding Moment: My best friends got married at City Hall with just their moms and myself as the witnesses. It was the most loving ceremony and I felt so special to be apart of something so small and intimate. 

Can’t live without:  My pitbull, Georgie.  She goes everywhere with me- shopping, the grocery store, the beach, the pool.  I usually ask if I can bring her as my +1!

Cherished Accessory:  A solid gold chain necklace my mom gave me when I graduated high school.  Every time I wear it I feel close to home.

Favorite Travel Locale:  I love places that push me out of my comfort zones, like navigating Beijing or exploring Israel.  I’m a Cali girl at heart though, so give me a warm place with a beach and I’ll be happy.

Random Fact:  I tried out for American Idol in high school but obviously my talents went unnoticed.

Sheryl - Sales coordinator

Can’t live without: My family and friends. They are the what makes me the happiest. Material things come and go but I know I always have them there.  

Favorite Travel Locale:  Definitely Hawaii..theres just something about the culture and atmosphere that keeps me falling in love with it.    

Memorable Date Night:  Rainy days with my boyfriend… also known as cuddle weather.” Filled with food, a good movie and sometimes video games. =D

Random Fact:  I’m a hip hop dancer and I was on a hip hop dance team through high school and college.


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