Oct 26 2014
Wednesday Pinsday Festival Fashion
By Joanna August | Ceremony, Customer

Festival fashion is a perennial favorite around the JA office and as summer winds down we were reflecting on all the good outfits we saw this season and what those of us going to FYF Fest should wear. We couldn't help but pin some of our favorites along the way. 

Janis Joplin; music inspiration, care-free role model and girl with potentially the best outfits at Woodstock. Before there was festival fashion, there were hippies, the starters of festival style. We would be lying if we didn't say that we are influenced by the styles of the late 60s - early 70s.

Sunglasses are key to all day, outdoor music events, some in our office might say they are key for life. A good pair of sunglasses can elevate the entire outfit to Instagram status and keep the sun out of your eyes as the sunsets on another festival weekend. 

Comfortable shoes are a must, you will be walking or standing all day and dancing all night. Keep it stylish by pairing your cut off shorts with a pair of boho chic gladiator sandals. Our favorites are the Ginger sandal from Sam Edelman. The perfect combo of comfort and style.

You should be able to move in whatever you are wearing! There will be walking, sitting and definitely dancing. It's all about the music after all!

Staying cool is another big one, especially for festivals in those hot places like Coachella. BRB going to go practice put our hands behind our heads long enough to get this braid looking good, luckily we can just pull the hat over any part we mess up. Until we get the braid down we will just work on our flower crown making.

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